Mind control

Ominous.jpgI was doing my usual browsing of the interwebs a couple of days ago and came across this Tim Ferriss article about controlling your thoughts, especially negative ones, that made me stop and think.
“Real Mind Control”.   What a great idea.  What an impossible dream.  What the hell, I’ll give it a try.

So today I decided that I really needed to give it a crack.  Briefly, it is 21 days of no complaining.  You catch yourself complaining (or maybe someone else notices & alerts you), you change a wrist band from one hand to the other and the count starts again.
Very simple self-programming.  Well, the process is very simple.  I can see that the practice of this is going to be pretty tough.  I live in a house with two small people who, some days, drive me to Distraction taking the Around The Bend road and then back again. Mr Oh Waily travels for work.  A lot.  This means that I shoulder quite the household burden at the moment, and that burden brings it’s share of downsides.  Downsides that can creep out in negative talk and complaints.

Today I took a good look back at how my morning (less than congenial) had progressed, and realised that instead of this being a nice airy-fairy idea that I might wish to do some day, it is actually needed in my household.  By me.  To keep my mind, mouth and attitude focused on the positive things.

Being something of a realist I have no intention, on this first attempt, to go for more than seven days in a row.  I have images in my head of my bracelet getting the jewellery equivalent of whiplash as it changes wrists with great speed and frequency.
I will be in need of good vibes, best wishes and plenty of luck.  Feel free to leave messages to that effect, if you like.

I plan to report back once I have achieved my seven days in a row.  So I figure I’ll be back some time near the end of the year, all being well.

2 thoughts on “Mind control

    1. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      It has been really interesting, and rather confirmed what I suspected, that at *ahem* years old I have quite a few unconscious and unhelpful patterns. I haven’t made my full seven days in a row, but I am continuing to work on the being conscious side of the process. I have also discovered that I have big, fat, blurry edges around what is a complaint, what is negative talk and what is constructive comment (or criticism).

      So, no. I didn’t make my 7 days easily, but I am definitely paying far more attention to what is coming out of my mouth now and not always operating on auto-pilot. There is hope for me yet! 😀


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