The Lost Art of My Photography

It feels like a ridiculously long time since I last took my camera out and about for more than the odd action shot of my little Oh Wailys running around the place.  So tonight I thought it was time to straighten that out.
My first step is to bring all of my photographs back from my t’other blog, which is now set to private, and progressively share what I was doing all those many months ago.  Before life got busier and busier.

So let us start then.  Three or four, to be going on with for this post.  Pretty much all on a nautical theme.

The Boatshed
The Boatshed
The Wharf
Aratere at Pencarrow
Aratere at Pencarrow
What lies beneath
What lies beneath

I may like to walk by the water.  Maybe.  Perhaps.  And it does help somewhat that there is plenty to photograph around a harbour like Wellington.  I hope you liked seeing some of what I got up to last year.  I will try to catch up all of the old photographs first and then work towards actually taking some new ones.



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