September Self-Improvement Month

After something of an hiatus, I’m back.    Which may be a good thing, or may be a bad thing, depending on your perspective on my wild and unpredictable plan being revealed today.

For the upcoming month of September I plan to do a post at the end of each day.  I’m hoping that it will fulfill a number of different things for me over the length of the month, nearly all to do with setting patterns of behaviour.  I will be trying to bed in newly begun behaviours and re-establish some habits that have recently slipped away.
Unfortunately this may make for some fairly boring reading on your part.  However, if you feel the urge to join in with any self-improvements of your own, drop a link in to each daily post and we can support each other in our efforts.

In my usual way, I am going to cram as many things in to this month-long adventure in habit-forming as I can.  I’m well aware that it is normally frowned upon in those circles who know how human brains work.  I totally get that on an intellectual level, but since I currently have the patience of a gnat I’m going to ignore it.  I want to see improvements across the board over the month and I’m simply not willing to wait until some time next year to work my way through each of them one at a time.
Yes, I’m unrealistically gung ho about it.  Yes, I may lament it at month end.
But in the (theatrical) words of the late, great Robin Williams – carpe diem.    And I certainly plan to seize my diem.  Firmly.

By way of working myself up and in to a regular posting pattern, I will start a little early in order to allow for some stretching of long dormant and possibly forgotten skills.
The areas will be highly recognisable to anyone who’s ever thought of self-improvement:

  • fitness goals
  • financial goals
  • personal development goals
  • realigning personal priorities

Specific efforts in each area will become clear from tomorrow night when I start my trek towards a month of focusing on making positive changes.  I’m looking forward to the challenge of lining up what’s in my head with what I’m actually doing each and every day.  I’ve been finding that the gap between the two has been widening for some time and it’s time to stop the unintentional creep towards the unwanted life.

Wish me luck and feel free to throw out the occasional encouragement if you have the time.

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