SISlogoTomorrow is the final day of putting off tackling all the tasks on my list.

I have an all-day meeting that will have me out of the house for the entire day.  My lovely mother-in-law is doing babysitting duty for me as Mr Oh Waily has had to be away for work this week.  All this throws various sized and types of spanners in to the grand plan, but I shall persevere and will hopefully not get too derailed along the way.

Today, with two sick kids, has not followed the plan I had intended for it.  We walked this morning, but the newly cold-ified Master Oh Waily made it a misery and I had to abort it while he had a rather long and painful moment – all the way home.  Thankfully these ‘moments’ are fairly rare, but naturally have to occur when you least want or need them to.  It went on to set some of the tone for the rest of the day.  But with tomorrow being the last abnormal day for a little while, I am hopeful that I will be able to hit all of my areas of improvement from the following day onwards.  There will be a few spanners to negotiate due to pre-existing arrangements for early September, but I will outline those a bit closer to the time.

In the meantime, here are the results from today.  Not overwhelmingly good, but not atrocious either.  I’ve had a few near misses that I will take as an improvement in and of themselves.  If you’re joining in – publicly, or privately – I hope you have much success.


tickExercise every day.

  • Water – 1 ltr every day.  (600ml, plus sundry other hot drinks)
  • Nutrition.  (Totally meh day on this front.)
  • No Spend Month (See photography entry.)

tickListen to hypnosis tracks every day

  • Reading every day. (Meeting-only reading)
  • Photography – once a week. (I actually had prints made today!!)

tickBlogging daily.

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