commoncents-logo-r2I had noticed this local financial website being advertised on the television and thought I would finally get myself over to see what it had to offer.
The piece I was interested in seeing first was about de-cluttering your home.  This is something I have been chipping away at for some time.

We are not true hoarders but, like everyone of a certain age, we have accumulated a significant number of things over our lifetime and many of them could really do with moving on.  So my first stop was at the entry “How de-cluttering your living space saves money”.  The tips on how and why you should reduce the amount of stuff in your space are pretty straightforward, even if the process is not always so.  But it was the lovely comment that Steph Knight makes right near the end that totally resonated with me.

“We probably spend more money now on our mortgage than anything else.  We like to spend money on our kids, you know. I really want to be able to give them a life that they enjoy and have fun experiences and adventures.  And that’s a trade-off.  It’s spending money on less stuff and having a house full of items that perhaps you don’t always need or having an enjoyable time…” *

This was exactly one of the primary motivators of my original No-Spend Month.  It comes down to a choice about what sort of life you want, and I’ve decided that stuff is not where my money needs to be going.  I want to be able to afford to give my kids wonderful experiences and adventures – and they don’t have those with piles of toys and clothes and furniture.  They have them when they get to see and experience the wide world around them.  So, like Ms Knight, the mortgage is a major priority and then ensuring that when money is spent, it is on experiences and not stuff that clutters up our lives.  (But we’re not fanatical about all of this… that leads to the nasty scrimp/splurge pendulum… and a healthy dose of guilt over the splurging that results.)

And on the really big goals front, it would be nice to ‘retire’ early.  Or semi-retire, at any rate.
No-spend month is a step in that direction, on all counts.

What about you?  Do you have some big financial direction or goals that you are following?  I’d love to hear if you do.

* apologies if I made any errors in transcribing that section.

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