October is the new September

SISlogoLast month was meant to be a ‘get it all together’ month.  Lots of goals, good intentions and high-faluting words.

Well, September is now meandering into the mental archives, and we are firmly in October.  The transition between months did not go particularly well in the Oh Waily household, as a very neat idea that I pursued collapsed under the weight of illness and everyone never being quite well enough.  We muddled through and did have some bright moments, but for the most part it was not the best.  In hindsight it would have been better to have admitted defeat, hunkered down and become healthy again.

I guess that is what October is going to be.  The hunker down and get back on top of things month.

All those aspects I mentioned in my Self-Improvement post are going to be brought back into the fold for October and the details will remain the same.  In addition I have recommitted to doing another round of My Organized Chaos in an attempt to bring some positive changes to our household order.  This should actually sit quite nicely alongside my own list of ‘work ons’.
One final area to dovetail in will be my re-reading and re-starting The Artist’s Way course – most importantly the Morning Pages and the Artist’s Date.  I’m finding an overwhelming need to rediscover my inner creative person – she’s been MIA for a little while now and I’d like her back, thanks.

A crammed full month I see ahead of me.  Hopefully an uplifting one with many small, incremental improvements lightening up our household and my mental state.  With any luck it will only require an hour or so a day from me to achieve most of the goals – and in some instances, absolutely no effort at all.

And in the wise words of Miss Oh Waily’s favourite television personality,

Failure is always an option.
– Adam Savage

But guess what?  Just like Adam, I’m taking failure as a good thing – it teaches you lessons and is an integral part of growth and learning in all it’s forms.  I think that Mythbusters show was well worth the money & trip to Auckland.  Thanks for the juggling and wise words Mr Savage, I think I’m going to be saying them over and over to myself this month.

Happy Self-Improvement Month everyone!

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