SI Month – no-spend report

So, with the first full week back home under my belt, I can say we’ve done pretty well on most fronts.  It’s been a week of swings and roundabouts.  We’ve spent a bit more money in one area, but that’s been more than offset by underspending elsewhere.
Next week it may turn out to be more of the same as we get back on an even keel after so much travel on Mr Oh Waily’s side and the new school term begins.  There are fees for the kids activities to be paid for, so that will be a nudge to the budget, but hopefully not so much as to make a serious dent in our savings efforts.  I’m hoping to save between 25 & 35% of our monthly income in October, as the travel costs and kid’s activity costs will leave a bit of a black mark on the books.

In the meantime I’ve headed back over to Pinterest to get myself some inspiration on many fronts – a minimalist look for around the house, some nifty inspirational quotes, and to start a goal board (or inspiration board, or vision board) for myself to go along with the existing physical one that I created a few years ago.  Yes the goals on that board are still valid, with some of them being an annual kind of thing, but I’m keen to add a digital version that can change more frequently as I change.

On the no-spend front I came across this great quote…


It just sums up the whole no-spend idea for me.  I’m only stealing from great future experiences by buying unnecessary “stuff” that doubles as anxiety-producing clutter around the home.  I cannot tell you how much of my time is spent either corralling stuff & trying to get it put away, or chasing and harassing my kids to put away their stuff.  I don’t even want to quantify the amount of life energy I have wasted spending my time this way.  I shudder to think.  So, no more thievery in this household.  There is a ‘buy what you want’ budget aka ‘sanity money’ and that’s it.  Personally I tend to spend mine on cafe visits, lunches out and similar experiences, so at least I’m not generally bringing more things in to the house.  Even so, there’s plenty around the place that could be tipped out if I was to play the Minimalist Game, but only if I had the internal fortitude to actually throw out that much stuff in one month.

October, to the end of two weeks, is going pretty well.  There’s room for improvement, so a little bit of inspiration to keep focus is a good thing, so here to finish off is a great quote with my lovely daughter and the beautiful Tikitapu as the supporting image.


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