Small changes

Quote 2Can small changes really make all the difference?

I’m inclined to believe they can.  I’ve been doing Morning Pages for the past week – only skipping yesterday and today – and I am finding myself drawn to more creative things.  I’ve been wanting to do some sewing with Miss Oh Waily so we’ve been to Village Beads to pick up some nice wooden beads for fairy heads and very cute they are.  Yesterday, I stopped by Warehouse Stationery to check out their easels as I have been inspired by the way a couple of new-to-me blogs (Happiness is Here and An Everyday Story) use them and the universe clearly liked that idea as they were having a rare sale (according to the WS lady who served me) on easels !!

Then this morning we had a busy time out and about at the fruit & vege market in town.  Mr Oh Waily had worked through the night, only returning home at 6am, so this gave him a chance to get something approaching a regular amount of sleep.  When he did wake I was able to take a solo trip to the library.  I enjoyed every warm step of the walk, and it reminds me why I love living within a 10 minute walk of two library branches.  Very spoiled.
What this trip reinforced for me is that I’ve also been finding that I may be in recovery mode regarding my love of books and reading.
By choosing to not attend to t’other blog and it’s ongoing needs, as well as choosing a book purely to enjoy rather than review, I seem to be finding the idea of reading a lot more pleasant.  It’s a simple and obvious thing, but I had been ignoring it largely over the past year or so, with dire results to my attitude.

Perhaps it is the sunshine and the warmer days all contributing to a better mental attitude, or perhaps I’ve just finally reached a tipping point where doing small things are starting to snowball into bigger things.  In my case the small things have been a daily thirty minutes spent writing my Morning Pages, and choosing to be a part of an online community that is designed to make small, but significant changes in our lives.   Vincent is clearly correct and great things are done by the bringing together of many small things, and clearly the small steps are currently suiting my needs.

This afternoon will be spent in attending to another range of small steps – some reading, some tidying and some quiet, personal time – all designed to recharge, refresh and inspire for the coming week.

How about you?  Do you find that small changes create great results in your life?

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