An Immensely Sad Day

It is with tears forming in my eyes that I write this post.  It is an immensely sad day here in the Oh Waily household.  One of our favourite people, albeit known only through his writings, has taken his last breath and joined Death for his final journey.

I hope you had a ride on Binky, Sir Terry, and that you and Death had a good chat.  You will be sorely missed here; your smarts, your humour and your wonderful storytelling skills are so rare that you have been a blessing to the world.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the joy and laughter over the years.

In a matter of sheer coincidence I am currently reading “Raising Steam” for myself, and reading “The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents” to my daughter.  I will remember you with fondness tonight, as I read.  Rest well, dear man.

For more kind word you can read his obituary here at The Guardian, or heart-felt words from his friend and one-time collaborator, Neil Gaiman.

And if you have never ventured in to the Discworld, you have missed a huge treat of good old-fashioned humour, satire and witty observation on the human, or non-human (we’re equal opportunity speciest), existence.  Once you have stepped into both the adult and child versions of the Discworld, it will become quite clear why he is special to me, and my online persona.

One thought on “An Immensely Sad Day

  1. It was a very sad day for me as well. I’m also reading “Raising Steam,” though very slowly as if knowing there is still more to be read will somehow make it easier.
    The idea of the old reaper man greeting him in capital letters has so far been the best way for me to cheer myself up too.


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