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I’m currently reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo.  I had started it a few months ago, getting through the first couple of chapters before my attention was drawn elsewhere.  It is quite a quirky book; part memoir and part practical application.

So far I have tackled her first area for clearing out – my clothes.  Unsurprisingly this did not turn out to be a difficult task for me as clothing is not one of my weak areas.  Laying out my clothes on the bed gave me a good overview of how much stuff I had before deciding what was past it’s best use date and those, relatively few, items that were being kept simply because ‘one day I will fit them again’.  You know that place, the one that is a fantasy for most of us when we hit mid-life with very little time to spare for ourselves.  I may indeed one day have a body capable of wearing a similar size to those clothes, but by no means would they look the same nor suit my taste, so out they went.  Where possible I donated the clothes that were still in really good condition and only the truly scruffy hit the bin.

Despite the fact that I had relatively few things to remove, including old and unloved shoes – maybe a good sized bag with a dozen ‘just in case’ work-style items – I felt considerably lighter for having spent the time on it.  My wardrobe suddenly gave up more room.  It was quite remarkable considering how little was actually bagged up. The sense of space was quite calming.

Now I am at chapter three and looking at how she suggests storing clothing.  I really like the visual idea of how to organise a wardrobe, and had to a certain extent been doing so already, but will take the time to follow the ideas a little more closely and see how that works for me.  And I will also be giving her ideas about sock and stocking storage a try as well.  All my current flat piles of folded clothes will also be transforming, if there are enough of them to actually implement her system.  Well.  We’ll see how it goes first, shall we?  But I’m willing to give things a good try before dismissing them.

The next section to tackle will be the hardest for me.  It is books and paper things.  This is my achilles heel.  I’m not dreading it as such, because I know there will be a lightness and satisfaction at the end of clearing out unwanted, unloved, messy piles of stuff, but I am worried that this will be the area I continue to avoid rather than tackle head on.

Wish me luck on that one.

If I feel energetic enough to do so I will take some photographs of any ‘transformed’ areas from now on.  The same applies to any updates.  If I find that some aspect of the clearing process has worked particularly well, I will try to find the time to stop by and let you know, because I know that I find a lot of good ideas from reading about other people’s experiences.

And while we’re on the topic of clearing out and cleaning up, feel free to leave any suggestions or links to good ideas that have worked for you.  I love to read and try new ideas.

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