Vision Board 2015 – the concept

Hey ho!  It’s been four years since I last wrote about my vision board.  It has happily lived on my dresser for much of that time, so every morning I wake up and see the images before I start my day.  But today I thought to myself, it’s about time I overhauled it.  I created a digital one for myself that is my current laptop wallpaper, but I’m thinking I’d like to get something big and bright back out on show for myself.

It’s fair to say that my current board is overwhelming to do with relaxing holidays in the sun, preferably involving water of some sort.  It works.  We have an annual family holiday which meets that goal.  I will be keeping that in the new incarnation of my board too, since it is so important to us all.  There was a minor component around being fit, running specifically, and around having a nice home.  Those areas have fluctuated since creating the board, so it’s time to give them a bit of status too.

I no longer buy magazines very often, although I do have a few strays hanging around home at the moment.  I will be trawling through those for appropriate images today and clipping out any that strike me as a good match for what I want to achieve.  I have a new, supersized batch of paper just waiting for me to get my glue stick out, then tomorrow I shall pop out to the local art supply store and pick myself up a new foam board upon which to mount the whole shebang.

To achieve some of my ideas I am going to have to go digital, as I simply don’t have printed options around the house.  It will be interesting to see how much needs to come out of my computer and just how well that turns out.  I can see myself creating the words to go with the images, I’m just not sure how the printed paper will hold up to use on my board.  Let’s just see how we go and then re-evaluate once I’ve given everything the once over.

In the meantime, this board is going to focus on getting fit, finding the perfect home and keeping a strong connection to our preferred holiday option of tropical, sunny, hot and wet.  And while I’m thinking on it, I think I might make another, smaller board for the family.  In this case using our own photographs to highlight those things that I’d like to see us doing more of.

Yep, it’s a creativity and future-planning day here in the Oh Waily world.

What about you?  Do you envision your future?  Do you have visual reminders of what you’d like in your life?
If so, I’d love to see… if you’re willing to share.

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