Time to cull

Hey all.

An interesting post came into my inbox from Timethief this morning. It was all about removing inactive subscribers from your WordPress blog.  It’s such a useful new tool for removing those bloggers who have opted to follow you in order to get click-throughs and follows in return.  I’ve found quite often they have little to do with the topics I talk about so it’s due time for me to cull them out.

If you’re one of the folk who do occasionally stop by, read the email, and leave a comment or like a post then you are as safe as houses.  If you’re a lurker, but still want to follow, then I guess you’d better come out of the woodwork long enough for me to know you actually do read the rare posts I make these days.

Finally, for those who do visit or read Oh Waily Waily AND write your own blog – here’s my pay it forward to you.  Look at your own subscriber lists and see if you have a bunch of inactive followers too.
Click through to Timethief’s original post to see how simple it is to do.

4 thoughts on “Time to cull

  1. Quite aside from turfing the opportunists who click like buttons and even subscribe with the motivation of drawing traffic to their own sites which are usually commercial sites that are monetized there are other instances where this new capability comes in handy.

    Sometimes subscribers email us and tell us they had an old inactive email address that’s gone so they subscribed under a new one. That counts as two but now we can get that old email address from them and delete it from our email subscribers.

    I’m cheering progressive changes like this one that help us manage followers and subscribers effectively.


    1. That’s a good point. I’m not in the league of having folk come to me and say they’re missing out because of an old email address but I certainly spotted a couple of old addresses while checking out the new function.


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