Day One

It’s the first day of November, and what a way to start the month off.

Early this morning, this happened:


And all was right in the world.

And as much as I’ve come to enjoy listening to George Gregan on Rooftop Rugby, I was unable to help myself when I posted my one jibe on social media today.  (It pays not to be mouthy, eh?  Karma is always waiting to repay the favour.)



And I discovered that it’s the lack of humility and empathy in winning, or losing, that really rips my britches about some of our mates across the ditch.  I thought Stephen Moore was the epitome of good manners today when he didn’t white wash the result.  None of that ‘we let them into the game…’, ‘we didn’t take our chances…’ nonsense.  An outright acknowledgement that they were beaten by a better team.  Bravo for that, bravo!  Your country’s sportsmen don’t always show that sort of character & humility.

Frankly, but for Ben Smith’s 10 minutes in the bin, I’d be inclined to consider them lucky not to be on a France-like spanking, which I suspect they might have been if we had retained 15 men for the entire match.

In saying all of this, and being as proud as I can be of the All Blacks, the Australians are always a staunch opponent and never give in without a fight.  There’s a lot of ticker in them, and I suspect that over the next couple of years we will see them come back to full strength.  But hopefully not too strong, eh?

Then finally we come to this blog post and the other thing going on in November.  NaBloPoMo.

Yes, it’s been two years since I last tried to get through the entire month and I suspect that I may just witter on a bit when stuck for topics, but bear with me while I attempt to actually put out something worth reading in between the gap fillers.  I hope you’ll join me in either writing or reading our way through November.



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