New to me

As I mentioned earlier, I am trying to ease my way back in to a reading habit that has foundered and pretty much drowned under the waves of winter.  Take a look at my 2015 Books read and you’ll see the gaping hole in the middle of the year.  I did start and not finish a number of books over those months, and naturally did read since I have small children who need their fix.  However, I didn’t complete a single book for my own pleasure in four months.  That is pretty close to a record for me – in a bad way.

Thankfully, since last month I’ve enjoyed visiting with Auntie Agatha, have ventured back down memory lane and in to history with dear Jane, and have detoured to India and Tuscany with Ms Lynch.  Now it’s time to stow the favourites and light & easy reads and try something new to me.

I have picked up a number of books from the library that fall in to this category, including two by Kurt Vonnegut and one by Don DeLillo.  And today I’ve picked my winner.


I’ve already read a little bit of the introduction, to get a feel for the time and place in which it was written and I’m looking forward to comparing his vision from the Cold War era with that of John Wyndham.  I suspect it will be similar in many respects, but probably a lot darker.

If you’re a Vonnegut fan, let me know what you think of it.  Just don’t drop any spoilers.

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