audibleI think I may have stumbled on to an unexpected money sucking device operated by Amazon.
While quite innocently purchasing the Kindle version of Swallows and Amazons I was tempted into acquiring the Audible narration to go with it as it was only a few more dollars to have both.

Oh the wiles of the cunning marketers!  How could I refuse that?

Well, clearly I couldn’t come up with any reason not to part with my money, and so we are now owners of both versions.  But worse than that, it has tempted me in to a couple more purchases, and thanks to yet more marketing of free credits I have acquired another few audio books including Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye.

As a family we do use our local library’s audiobook download section, but it is limited in the titles I would love to get my hands on and seems to have a penchant for getting ‘enhanced’ books rather than a straight narration.   By ‘enhanced’ I mean almost acted like a radio play, not just the narrator separating characters with different voices or accents as required.  I much prefer the simpler version – a favourite example being The Secret Garden read by Johanna Ward – which is a definite on my purchase list.

The kids have already listened to Swallows and Amazons and I can see myself indulging in more advanced reading books for them to listen to, that will be able to be revisited over and over again. (See the comment about The Secret Garden above.)

I think what also appeals to me is the ability to buy the audio books at a good price, as well as the set credit price.  This certainly applies to the kids books which are really reasonably priced, for the most part. You certainly couldn’t get a copy of the book in a store for the same value as some of the ones I’ve looked through.

I’d love to know if you’re a subscriber, or are still debating spending the money vs borrowing from your library.  I suspect that I will get a lot of good value in the end – the same books I love available when I want them, but without taking up space on my shelves.  It’s a bit of a win-win that aspect of it.
The key for me is to use the credits wisely, on books I’m really confident of wanting to keep and revisit.

So I have a couple of credits waiting for me to use up – what would you recommend?

Note: this post does contain a couple of Amazon affiliate links.  For books we love and own or are about to own as Christmas gifts. (Shhhh, don’t tell the kids!)
Thanks for supporting our book habit if you choose to give the Audible trial a go.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Audible

    1. That’s a great reason for choosing audiobooks! Also good if you are a commuter or have a long journey to go on.
      You can always give the free trial a go – it’s for a month & you just need to remember to cancel (like all of these sorts of things) before you get to the end of it. Two books for minimal effort out of it! But it is definitely a slippery slope once you do. 🙂


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