Follow me little internet, follow me

Following on from Timethief’s comment on my post yesterday about content theft, I duly re-opened my Firefox and installed Lightbeam.  In the time it took me to open my blog and sign in I had already amassed 14 third party sites.  Thankfully for WordPress I could identify all the sites as belonging to the various different plugins or companies clearly associated with what I do here at the blog.  Still, two pages and one site – 14 parties involved in me doing that!

I’m guessing that it is going to be a totally different experience when I go real-life browsing.  Larger numbers and less recognisable names will, no doubt, be the order of the day.  I’m trying to remember that this is the world wide web after all, and that some of the tracking is functionally based. (I hope!)

Okay, I’m taking a deep breath and going in.

Wow, WordPress, Facebook and Google+ came up with about 24 sites between them while I was browsing, but heck! Stuff has nearly 40 third party sites.  Now I wonder if all news related sites are the same?!

So, signing off from this short browsing experience has left me with visiting 6 actual sites and having 128 third party sites actually connect with me.  !!!!!!!
The next step is to find a source of news that isn’t quite as crazy about 3rd party sites as Stuff!

I’ll report back if and when I find something not quite so creeper-stalker-like.

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