Dream job

frog-897419_1920Is it too late to apply for my dream job?

The question would be… what is my dream job?

Well, as a full-time mother/teacher and INFJ person, I reckon that I would like to take Trey’s job for a spin.  Oh, and his yoga skills too.

Yes I can see myself travelling all over the place, staying in really nice digs, meditating and doing yoga.  Just need to brush up on my photography skills, convince my family that they can live without me, and learn yoga.

Hmm, not seeing that happening any time in the near future.  I can dream though, eh?

Maybe I should try for a travel writer’s position, with a special focus on taking your family in tow.  We could world-school and it would be paid for by some willing editor somewhere.  I’m sure I can string a few coherent sentences together.  Mostly.

Ahem.  Well, it’s worth putting out there isn’t it Universe.  A dream job that involves the family, semi-regular travel, nice digs, learning, creating, meditating and maybe the odd attempt at standing on my head. Yep, that sounds like a pretty good job to me.

What’s your dream job?

One thought on “Dream job

  1. Do dreams and reality ever meet? I thought the whole idea of dreaming was to describe an alternate view of the world in which the currently improbable becomes fleetingly close. So you take steps and then, just like the rainbow’s end, you never quite get there, because the dream as moved on. Hence the perpetual chasing of dreams… Seeking a ‘worthwhile’ occupation seems more tangible, providing you know it when you’ve got there (harder than it sounds!). Perhaps you already have?


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