The scales have tipped

It would appear that the scales are not evenly balanced in my life at the moment.
Just as I was getting close to re-establishing a regular reading habit, I chose to involve myself in NaBloPoMo and I find myself with no spare evening left in which to crack open a book.

By the time I’ve given enough thought to a topic, sat down to write it, added any suitable images and then corrected all the terrible grammar, it’s well after my scheduled bed time.  And with young kids you need a scheduled bed time.

I know it’s because I’m trying to do NaBloPoMo on two blogs.  That’s twice the thinking, planning, image creation, and horrible English to get through!

It’s congenital – this attempt at juggling far too many balls.  Ever since I was a kid I loved to cram as much in to a small space as possible.  I can see in my minds eye my bed as an 11 year old… me sitting up on the pillow and the entire bed covered in soft toys.  It was always a game to fit in as much as possible.   I have no idea where this aspect of my personality came from, but it’s still working it’s magic today.  The multi-tasking I posted about earlier is another example of the how this cramming appears in my day-to-day life.

But as an obliger, and this is my weird version of external accountability… a relatively tiny blogging audience, I am not going to let myself slack off and miss a day of writing.  Clearly my obligation to readers here is going to overwhelm my wish to make enough free time to do some actual reading myself.
So for the duration of November I’m facing scales that have tipped from reading to writing.

My challenge from the end of the month is going to be striking a balance.  Enough time to read, with a hearty dose of writing thrown in.

How do you regular book-loving bloggers do it?!
I’d love to know how you manage to get enough time to do both.
(Please don’t tell me you read at superhuman speed! Or is it that you don’t have kids?)

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