Morning Pages: An Update

MPsI thought I’d drop in and give a quick update on my current cycle of being back in to using Morning Pages as a mind-clearing device.

I’ve been using the website I mentioned in my earlier post, morningpages, and so far it is sticking.  I had a brief moment tonight when I realised I hadn’t already written my 750 words for the day but that was as a result of a number of other things coming up and grabbing for my undivided attention today.  Otherwise it is going well and I’ve been having no trouble remembering to do it.

It is a ridiculously simple interface, for a ridiculously simple task.  But if you’re a bit of a gold star junkie, or a stat-freak like me, then you might appreciate a little something they do for you.  If the “don’t break the chain” habit is something that you use to motivate you, then there’s a little help for you here.  If you like to see how many words you’ve committed to the digital paper, then it does that too.  Or if you like goofy little badges of encouragement, they’ve got you covered.  After my very short six days here’s what my practice looks like. I’m hoping for another badge tomorrow commemorating my first full week back at it.  I’ll let you know if I get it.

I highly recommend this for its simplicity if you need a digital solution to doing Morning Pages.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.14.58 PM

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