Gold Stars and Happiness Demerits

I was catching up with my Podcast listening after the mayhem of February and settling in of this month.  It was while listening to my favourite ladies at the Happier podcast that it occurred to me some mindfulness would be a good thing to add to my life.  And, most importantly, it wouldn’t require a…

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On habit change

WARNING: Today’s post is VERY long.  Get comfortable or skip down to TL;DR.   😉 Today’s blog post is brought to you by a desire to change. Change, that inevitable yet seemingly untameable verb.  We bandy it about quite a bit, and aspire to get some sort of solid grip on it but often come…

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Morning Pages: An Update

I thought I’d drop in and give a quick update on my current cycle of being back in to using Morning Pages as a mind-clearing device. I’ve been using the website I mentioned in my earlier post, morningpages, and so far it is sticking.  I had a brief moment tonight when I realised I hadn’t…

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