Book Review: Sense and Sensibility – Jane Austen

SAS2016 has been a fairly good year of reading for me so far.  Up until the end of this week I have managed to read thirteen books.  Considering I managed a rather feeble twenty books for the year in 2015, this is almost a blistering start.  I could not give a good reason for the change, other than the fact that I managed to get a bit of a roll on while on holiday back in March.  Also, I’ve decided that it is perfectly legitimate to add in my read-aloud kid’s literature.  I mean, when you are reading Carnegie winners and classics like Roald Dahl, how can you not include them in your official reading list for the year !?

Anyway, amongst the March books there were two re-reads for me.  One was a lovely visit back in to the world of Harry Potter, and the other was back to Regency England with Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.

I’ve linked to the review I posted over on the 1001 Books blog.

To see what else I’ve indulged in so far this year, you can check out my 2016 Reading List page.

Book review: Emma – Jane Austen

EMy latest book review is up over at the 1001 Books blog.  It’s a perennial favourite by Jane Austen – Emma.

I was finally brave and tackled an Austen.  I first read them as a teenager and loved them.  I think I’ve watched every BBC adaptation of her work since that time too.

I can also say that my vague memory of the 1996 film adaptation isn’t one of dread.  Ms Paltrow isn’t a massive favourite with me, but that was more than offset by getting to see Jeremy Northam as Mr Knightley.

Whether you are an Austen fan or not, feel free to pop over to the other blog and leave a comment either for or against.

A book review. What a mystery!

In light of the youngsters in the family coming down with a nasty cold, it’s going to be a bit of a lightweight post here today.

My latest book review was posted over at t’other blog yesterday.

It was a very old favourite of mine, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie.
You know the review is going to be positive from someone who had her entire canon as a teenager, don’t you?  Anyway, you can pop over there and read it, or wait until I re-post it here some time towards the end of the month.  The choice is yours.


So it turns out that yesterday’s ‘under the weather’ thingy seems to have been some sort of random sneezing, drippy-eyed thing that lasted a day.  I’m guessing it was some sort of hay fever that has passed overnight as the pollen (or whatever) has died away.
That means I’m actually here today and the topic I’ve chosen is multi-tasking.

Well, in fairness, it’s books again.
I may have mentioned it before, but I seem unable to read a single book at a time.  My currently reading list at Goodreads borders on the length of other people’s “want to read” list.  The truly embarrassing aspect of this is that I have more books partially read than that list includes, but I didn’t want to add them since it’s already ridiculously long as it is.

I hope I’m not the only person who ‘multi-tasks’ her book reading?  It’s nice to be unique, but not quite so much.

In addition to my multitude of physical books I am also adding, as of yesterday evening, an audiobook.  I’ve cracked the cover (or pressed the play button) on Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye and so far I’m enjoying it.  The narrator isn’t annoying me too much – which is always a worry with audiobooks – and I’m starting to follow the story along nicely.
One thing I’ve noticed is that it can be tricky picking up on descriptive passages depending on the manner of the narration and getting used to the way the story is being told.  I’m starting to think that I need to ‘get my ear in’ with some narrators more than others.  Have any of you noticed that, or is it just me?

It could be a cultural thing too.  I’m very tuned in to British accents and stories and a little less so with American ones.  This, despite a love of noir films and the Bogart era of hardboiled detective movies.  Oh well, I do love to stretch myself and this is a perfectly pleasant way to do it.

I’m now also picking that The Long Goodbye will end up being my next review over at the Book Blog as it is easy reading/listening.  Poor old Cat’s Cradle may have to wait it’s turn.

So ‘fess up… are you a multi-tasking, or a single-tasking book reader?