Resurrecting Hobbies

It has been done!

The delete button has been pressed and I am now free from social media.

Now what?

<drums fingers nervously on the counter>

All of that scroll-free, constant-checking free time is now floating around looking for something to fill it back up.
So I have been thinking about how best to use all of my newfound free time and a lightbulb went on.


Resurrect my hobbies.

Those things that I used to do before life became so full of parenting and then of social media. You might notice, if you are an old subscriber here, that my crafting updates ended about three months after Miss Oh Waily was born.
Miss Oh Waily is now 11 years old !

To start me off I think I will try to resurrect my cross stitch. I have plenty of almost finished items that I’d love to see completed and framed. It has the advantage of doubling as both a creative and relaxing activity. It fits in nicely with my word for 2019 – Mindful – and I might even manage to get my kids to give it a go. Who knows?

So that is my first step in to post-SM life. Expect to hear more shortly.

For those who are new, here’s a link to my cross stitch page to see where I was when my free time began to dwindle.


The Resurrection of a Hobby

It has been a very long time since I last posted anything about my cross stitch hobby.  Sadly there is very little change since that posting, as a direct result of not actually doing any stitching.  Funny that.  These things don’t create themselves.

Anyway, as part of the settling in process here at the new house I reconstructed my floor stand and came to the decision that I really should redirect some of my energy to this lovely, creative act of meditation.
So the floor stand is now set up and contains Fantasy Triptych.  Now all I need to do is get my threads, needles and pattern out and ready for action.  Hopefully I will be able to share an update on this work in the near future.  Wish me luck.

Oh, and here’s a gratuitous photograph of the work in question as last seen.
Fantasy Triptych - 1 November 2006

Easter Crafts & Similar Madness

Okay, it is almost Easter so I thought I would share some of the best picks from the craft section of my feed reader.  Seriously, if you are even vaguely crafty* then there should be something here to make you smile.
Most of the links lead you to How-To posts so if you’re game enough to try one or more, don’t forget to pingback here so I can see your art.

* knit, sew, bake or have kids.

Angel Proclamation

So I have been doing some cross-stitching in the last little while, just not a lot.

Angel Proclamation was brought out of retirement for a change of scenery, and then was promptly highlighted on by Miss Oh Waily.  This was successfully cleaned off, thank goodness, but it hasn’t returned to the scroll frame yet.  I’m in internal discussion with myself over what the next thing to do will be.  Should I return to Noah’s Ark, or Fantasy Tryptich or stick with Angel Proclamation.

Worse yet, should I start something else?!

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Angel Proclamation - March 2009

Edit: Must remember to give things their correct titles.  I got stuck in Angel Procession mode when I should have been Proclaiming.  Not too great since they are by different artists !!  😦