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The trials and tribulations of teaching life skills

Herding cats anyone?

That’s probably a lot easier than teaching, encouraging, nagging and shouting about the life skills required to keep a house and it’s occupants in some form of cleanliness and healthiness.

It’s not like I haven’t been working on this since they were born or anything, after all.  In that seven years of effort with one child and five with the other, you would think that I may have made a slight dent.  But no, not so much as a temporary impression on their stubborn desire to ‘not do it for themselves’.

If you have one of those kids who loves things to be neat and tidy, there are many, many days that I wish I was you.
I love my kiddos, I do not love their stubborn refusal to help out, without much cajoling on my part.  It’s not like I haven’t made every effort to create a kid-friendly house.  Shelves they can reach, special cupboards to store their things in, clean up kits that are kept easily available should they be needed and even a mini-vacuum cleaner for a quick whip around when things get spilled.

They just don’t buy in to it.  The fact that they are now fairly functional members of our household seems to have washed right over them.  I feel like one of those rather large dung beetles pushing one of those even larger balls of poop up hill when it comes to getting the Oh Waily kids on board with the need for everyone to pitch in (at a suitable level, of course).

I am about to start another round of My Organized Chaos in the hope that I will be able to chip away at this ingrained reticence on the part of my little Oh Wailys.  As the sole* cleaner in the Oh Waily household to three or four mess-makers, this lack of help has worn thin.  I mean, really thin.  Rice paper is literally chunky compared to my trigger on the lack of help I receive in this area of our lives together.

I wonder, do you have a special trick up your sleeve that gets your kiddos to help out?  If you do, feel free to share it with me.  I’m open to all and any ideas, whether large or small.  Just don’t tell me I need to wait until they’re 35 for them to realise that household tasks are just a normal part of life!

* Mr Oh Waily is often away travelling or working long hours, so I can’t rely on his regular assistance.

Master Oh Waily, Miss Oh Waily

Happy New Year

As 2012 comes to a close tonight I thought I would finish my blogging year with a simple post.  Photographs of the two Oh Waily children.  Miss Oh Waily is snapped on Christmas Day at her Auntie H’s, while Master Oh Waily is caught with a fluffy moustache/goatee combo a few days later on a trip out with his Mum.
Christmas Day

It is rather appropriate that the whole tone of Miss Oh’s photograph should be pink. In spite of my lack of love for the candy-colour, she adores it and would have it for everything if she could. Lucky her, even her photographs agree with her taste.

Boy Meets Fluffy

As for Master Oh, this is him all over. Mischief incarnate.

The Oh Waily family would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours all the very best for the New Year.  May happiness, health and prosperity be yours in 2013.

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The Fix

After yesterday’s post about our Unexpected Journey, I figure that I should give you the opportunity to see the end result of the fix.

It is fair to say that Miss Oh would have survived the Roaring Twenties with her style in tact.  Louise Brooks eat your heart out !

The side fix

As you can see, her fringe did not miss out on the snipper treatment, it just wasn’t as obvious last night in light of the honking great chunk of hair that was missing.

The fix

Gingermen make everything all right. Don’t they?

Family, Miss Oh Waily, NaBloPoMo 2012

An Unexpected Journey

No.  I am not talking about tomorrow’s premier of The Hobbit.

The Oh Waily family will be taking an unexpected journey to the hairdresser in the morning after Miss Oh Waily decided that she had had enough of hair that was full of tangles each morning.

Please tell me that all children do this, to one extent or another.  Personally I know I did this to my fringe when slightly younger than Miss Oh.  The night before I was due to have studio portraits taken as well.  I was not quite as gung ho as my darling daughter, but I still have the photographs to prove that hairdressing was never a future career option for me.

So here it is – the chop.


As you can see, a short cropped bob not unlike her mother’s own, will probably be the result of her decision to snip. Certainly less likely to be tangled in the mornings for a while now.  She was not wrong about that.