Resolved… or not

Every year we hit this speed bump – New Year’s resolutions.

Aaaargh.  To resolve or not to resolve, it is always such a quandary.

Living in the southern hemisphere it’s so much of a ‘Spring-time’ feeling when 1 January rolls around, even when the weather doesn’t co-operate for a few days, that it is hard to resist the urge to embark on a jag of personal change.

So, as the Borg would have me believe, I have decided that resistance is futile.   Resolutions, of a sort, I am going to make.  Last year was pretty mediocre on many fronts in my world.  No need to rehash it in the sunlight of a new year, but suffice to say that the year dragged on longer and with less enjoyment than I would have liked.  No major dramas, but a certain degree of ennui settled in for the duration and then wouldn’t leave despite attempts to remove it.

For 2014 I am hoping to shut the door on that listlessness and dissatisfaction (far too many Esses in those words, seriously) by making some changes in approach, a bit of forward planning and some effort.

Here are my personal goals* in a nutshell.

  • migrate to a Primal lifestyle.
    • at least one long walk a week
    • change over to a whole-food style of eating & ditch grains
    • work on some basic core strength exercises**
    • get better sleep routines in place
  • read at least a book a week.
  • write a blog post at least once a week.
  • go to some sort of cultural event once a month.
  • continue with our fortnightly date night.
  • work on implementing plans for my other longer-term goals.

And there, I have succumbed to the Borg, er, the New Year’s resolution disease.  Let’s see how well I manage those.

How about you, did you resolve or not this year?

* as opposed to goals that relate to family and work – those, they shall remain privé.
** when I get a minute I’ll set up my fitness page and that will include some details of the goals.

Doctor Who

TARDISAt the beginning of the year I read this post about the joys of introducing the younger generation to the wonders of Doctor Who.  At the time I wasn’t so keen on sharing the programme as it is quite scary in many parts, but we eventually did so at the insistence of small children.

However it really seems to have taken off lately, just in time for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special.

In fact, Master Oh Waily has really got in to the swing of it and has started playing at ‘Doctor Who’ with random toys.  But the best bit, after a close encounter with the Daleks, is his interpretation of the dreaded EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE!

Master Oh Dalek goes….




Hello.  Remember me?  I used to blog here.

Well, we’re back.  From holiday, that is.  I may even be rested enough that blogging becomes a regular habit again.  Maybe.  We’ll let time decide that one.  In the meantime, here is why I love our once a year holiday to Fiji.  In photographs.

How we try to spend our time…


What Miss Oh wants the minute we land these days, but tougher to do with her new shorter ‘do…


One of my favourite natives, and by far the simplest to photograph…


And why having a room with a view is a nice way to end the day…

Fiji Sunset 1

Fiji Sunset 2

And for those who may be dubious about the redness of that last photograph – no I didn’t fiddle about with it in Lightroom, other than a small bit of cropping.

There may be a few more photographs to share later, but for now….


That’d be the sound of Ms Oh Waily feeling refreshed and relaxed.  It’s been a while since it was last heard around these parts.  A big thanks to Mr Oh Waily and Nana & Poppa Oh Waily for a great holiday where I didn’t have to be Mum all of the time.

Happy New Year

As 2012 comes to a close tonight I thought I would finish my blogging year with a simple post.  Photographs of the two Oh Waily children.  Miss Oh Waily is snapped on Christmas Day at her Auntie H’s, while Master Oh Waily is caught with a fluffy moustache/goatee combo a few days later on a trip out with his Mum.
Christmas Day

It is rather appropriate that the whole tone of Miss Oh’s photograph should be pink. In spite of my lack of love for the candy-colour, she adores it and would have it for everything if she could. Lucky her, even her photographs agree with her taste.

Boy Meets Fluffy

As for Master Oh, this is him all over. Mischief incarnate.

The Oh Waily family would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours all the very best for the New Year.  May happiness, health and prosperity be yours in 2013.