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Photographic humour

Perhaps I have an odd sense of humour.  I mean to say, I’m about to suggest that you go scroll through a series of photographs of a wooden artist dummy.  You know the ones I mean, I’m sure.

I’ve mentioned this set of photographs before (elsewhere) but each Monday I just get such a laugh out of the latest edition that I feel like I need to say it yet again – they are fabulously clever and often very funny.

Master Oh Waily now asks me to see “Woody” and so I have to scroll through the 300+ photographs of this dummy.  Some are not quite suitable for children, but easily enough explained away (like the latest that I will link you to shortly) in a manner that satisfies my need to be a responsible parent.

So, starting with last Monday’s entry – may I introduce you to Woody, his friends and his creator Nicolas Vallejos.

Have a “Killer day”!  – Woody as Dexter.  Any Dexter fans out there?

666 – the Number of the Beast – for the wicked amongst you.

Boulanger – for those of you, who like me, would live inside a boulangerie if she could.

I could go on, andonandonandon, about Woody.  If you like photography, especially macro works, don’t just scroll through a couple and call it quits.  There are a few “behind the scenes” photographs showing how Mr Vallejos creates some of his clever images.  Well worth it, in my opinion.


Writers be advised…

Writerly wisdom from Nic Alderton for those of you who do…


I can’t help with the first 5 points, but I can with the last…

Go on!  Hop it!  You’ve got a novel to write!

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Pinterest Strikes Again

Quite some number of years ago I wrote about my Myers-Briggs personality profile.  Every now and then I come across interesting things that make me reflect on this.  Today, courtesy of Pinterest I hit a mother lode of personality profile inspired humour and cleverness.

I’m sorry.  I had to share.  Turn away if it gets too much.

For the Trek-geeks…

For the Whovian geeks…

Possibly my favourite, if slightly creepy for others to realise about me…

A close second…

Source: via Lynn on Pinterest

Mr Oh Waily would second this completely…
(And if I could bold the phrase “They hate small talk”, I would.)

And to finish, the truth…

Come on then, tell us your MBTI, and we can laugh at your foibles too.