Pinterest Strikes Again

Quite some number of years ago I wrote about my Myers-Briggs personality profile.  Every now and then I come across interesting things that make me reflect on this.  Today, courtesy of Pinterest I hit a mother lode of personality profile inspired humour and cleverness.

I’m sorry.  I had to share.  Turn away if it gets too much.

For the Trek-geeks…

For the Whovian geeks…

Possibly my favourite, if slightly creepy for others to realise about me…

A close second…

Source: via Lynn on Pinterest

Mr Oh Waily would second this completely…
(And if I could bold the phrase “They hate small talk”, I would.)

And to finish, the truth…

Come on then, tell us your MBTI, and we can laugh at your foibles too.

Icebergs in the bath

Ahoy matey.   Icebergs off the starboard bow*.

This morning Miss Oh Waily helped me make colourful icebergs for tonight’s bath.
It provided a nice practical life, in real life, activity after breakfast.  Using her little white jug she poured water into the ice cube trays and learned about overfilling, wiping up and scooping out excess.  After that she moved on to unscrewing the caps on the food colouring bottles and then shaking or squeezing the bottles so that they dripped into the right cube segments.  Once each colour was dripped, she stirred the cubes up to evenly spread the colour, put the lids back on the bottles and started again with a new colour.  She also got to use her maths skills by counting four cubes of colour at a time.**

Here she is in action.

Starting Point
The Starting Point
Pouring Water
Pouring the Water
Adding Colour
Adding the Food Colouring

Then this evening they were upended out into a box for distribution in the bath.  Half for each Oh Waily child’s bath.***

Here they are.

Frozen Results
The Frozen Results
All Out
Miss O tipping them out

They worked pretty well.   The yellow ones overpowered the other colours somewhat and they didn’t last all that long, but the kids enjoyed the changing bath colour.
The original idea came from Pinterest.  This pin, in fact.  I am also tempted to ramp it up into something like this pin and perhaps this other one might be in my future too.

While making the cubes this morning it also occurred to me that it might be interesting to add some raspberry essence to the pink or red cubes next time.  That might be something to try out.  I’ll let you know how it goes if I do it.

* yes, I know.  Pirates mixing with Star Trek parody.
** in the Home Ed world this would be called unschooling.  Learning through real life opportunities.  Funny, I thought it was just natural to talk about these things as you did them.
*** previously they bathed together but Master Oh is going through the hitting, grumpy, possessive phase that some toddlers need to.  Sharing a bath is now fraught with peril and potential meltdown material.  Ms & Mr Oh Waily prefer not to end the evening on that sort of note.

Today in history: 1925 – Robert F.Kennedy was born.

There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?
– Robert F.Kennedy

Pinteresting Kiddie Art

Finally, I have made good use of my new mini-obsession, Pinterest.

Today I set up some paint and paper for both the Oh Waily children and encouraged them to do dotty art, as per this Pin. Here is the result of their efforts.

Master O's Tree
Master Oh Waily's neo-impressionist Tree.
Miss O's Tree
Miss Oh Waily's "I don't do dots" tree

Followed up by my encouraging her to do another picture, this time in the style of Seurat.

Miss O's own Tree
Miss O's own tree - dots and all.

Do you get the impression that Miss Oh wasn’t all that taken with pointillism?
Me too.

Still, she seemed to enjoy using the cotton buds instead of paint brushes so that option may remain on the table for future art hours.
So, what little artistic endeavours have you or your children indulged in thanks to the wonder that is Pinterest? Come on, link up, I’d love to see.

Today in history: 1840 – Claude Monet was born. (French painter)

Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.
– Claude Monet