Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch is one of those hobbies that has many facets.
The most obvious one is the physical creation of a stitched picture. But it also has the component of ‘retail therapy’, known in the cross-stitch community as sex (Stash Enhancement eXperience).
I think it would be a rare cross-stitcher who does not have more stash than finished items. I’m certainly one of those. My WIPs (works in progress) are the same as at the end of last year.
And my UFOs haven’t changed either.

It is a mind-relaxing hobby, primarily due to the repetitive nature of the stitching. If you are using linen and stitching on high thread count fabric, then your mind has little option but concentrate fully on what you are doing, thereby shutting out the woes of the day.

My reason for cross-stitching is simple.
It allows me a creative outlet without having to design the whole thing from scratch. I can rely on good designers to create a pattern, and then I get the pleasure of turning that design into a real object.

If you are interested in delving into the cross-stitch community and seeing how intricate or how simple this form of embroidery is, take a look at my bookmarks under cross-stitch. It’s a small taste of what is actually available.

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