Beattie Family

This is my paternal grandmother’s family.

The earliest confirmed date I have is 1855, but there are earlier unconfirmed dates of 1816 and 1833. This family migrated from Northern Ireland to Lanarkshire some time between 1851 and 1855. In Scotland the geographical area is Cadder, while in Northern Ireland it looks to be the border area of Fermanagh and Tyrone.

Here are my family groups for my immediate family line…

  • Curry William BETTY (c.1815-1870) and Jane KELLY (c.1833 – 1912)
    • Catherine (c.1853 – 1919)
    • Jane (1855 – 1897)
    • William Henry (1856 – 1895)
    • Curry (1858 – 1933)
    • Christina (1861 – 1906) Twin sister
    • Margaret (1861 – 1884) Twin sister
    • John (1864 – ?)
    • Hugh (1866 – 1871)
    • Samuel (1868 – 1912)
    • Thomas (1871 – 1943)
  • William Henry BEATTIE (1856 – 1895) and Martha MONTGOMERY (1863-1933)
    • Martha (c.1882 – ?)
    • Jeannie (1884 – ?)
    • William (1886 – 1968)
    • Currie (1888 – 1963)
    • James (c.1890 – ?)
    • Helen (c.1892 – ?)
    • John (c.1894 – ?)
    • Margaret (c.1896 – ?)

If any of these names are familiar feel free to leave a comment introducing your connection and I will get back to you.
Or email OhWaily with details.


27 thoughts on “Beattie Family

    1. My grandmother was Martha Beattie, born 1882 married William Hill from Guthrie, Scotland in 1906.He died about 1944. I was a small child so I have no memory of him but have lots of photos of these two as well as of my great grandmother Martha Montgomery Beattie. Martha Beattie Hill died in Cambuslang, Scotland in 1955. They had five children William (1907), Martha (ca , 1909) a son who died, my mother Margaret (1914-1999), and Alexander (1921-1969). Her mother was Martha Montgomery born in 1863 who was married to William Beattie born 1858 as above. They married in 1882. I knew my grandmother and her brother “Uncle” Currie. I was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1943 and now live in Texas. Martha Montgomery’s parents were Helen Logan (1842- ) and William Montgomery (1810- ). William Beattie’s Mother was Jane Kelly ca early 1800’s, and father was William Beattie (ca 1800’s). Because of the naming conventions it’s really hard to distinguish one William or Martha from another if you don’t have all the dates.It appears we are related very closely. PS also knew “Auntie Jeannie” mentioned above who was my grandmother;s sister.


  1. Hi Graeme,
    Yes, Currie Beattie would be your maternal grandfather. Your Mum and my grandmother, Sarah (Sadie) were sisters.
    I have a Yahoo group for Beattie family research if you would like to see more than what I have added to this blog. If you’d like to visit, you can click here: Beattie Family Research
    Thanks for dropping by, it’s nice to hear from you.
    It also reminds me that I haven’t updated this page in a very long time. So I think I’ll do that now. πŸ™‚


    1. Aunt Sadie was your Grandmother… So is your dad Billy or Ray?

      (Sorry for not checking this site for the last 17 months!)



  2. Hi I’m married to william beattie ( 5th) born 1936 in Muirhead Lanarkshire and your beatties are his 4th & 5th grandfathers
    Thank you I could not find william and jane beattie wedding or birth while doing the family tree

    Regards Kathy


    1. Hi My name is Alison Sharpe Ne McWilliam My Mum was Helen Logan Montgomery Beattie Nea Mc William I was Born in Glasgow but Brought up in Muirhead/Chryston we must be related, My Gran Was Martha McClelland Beattie.


        1. Yes you are related. Trying to work this one out as your aunt Priscilla married your cousin Ray from the Beattie side of the family


  3. Hi I have BMD certificates for William Beattie and Jane Allan (or copies )if you would life a copy get in touch
    they and William and Martha are buried in Bedlay cemetry there are no head stones

    Regards Kathy


    1. Currie and Martha Beattie(McClellan) were my Grand parents, my father was William Beattie and there is a headstone, I had it laid in 2005.Names on the headstone are,Currie,Martha,William,Muriel(Alexander) my Mum and my dads baby sister Lockhart


  4. Hi Kathy,
    Thank you for the offer of the BMD certificates.
    I have sent you an invitation from the Beattie group on Yahoo. I used your Yahoo address as provided to me by Germaine in Australia. Hopefully you have received the invitation by now.
    If not, let me know and I will send another one to the address you have used here.
    We have shared a range of BMD certificates there, and we would love to have your information alongside ours.

    Regarding the Bedlay cemetery information – do you also have the lair information? I have found that to be especially enlightening.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  5. Hi There, After a brief reading of your blog I am sure we are related. I am Robin Beattie’s daughter. I think our fathers are cousins. We may have met when we were children, I am not sure.

    I have done a lot of family history on my mum’s side, but I am just getting started on the Beattie side of things. I think your Dad sent my mum quite a bit of research a while ago and I must dig that out.

    Any way I just wanted to say hello. Cheers Gillian


    1. Hi Gillian,

      Nice to hear from you. Yes they are definitely cousins and we did meet when we were kids. That was a LONG time ago. πŸ™‚
      If you want any of the information I have just let me know and I’ll send it along.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  6. I am from the United States. My ancesters were a Beattie from England that Married a Lewis from Wales. They emigrated to Northern Ireland Tyrone Co. Sadly they fell victim to smallpox there and died. The children were then raised by the Beattie side of the family there. Upon reaching the age of 18 their estate was settled by their children having their voyage paid to Australia. Each child made it safely except for my ancestor. He was in a shipwreck and floated on the wreckage into the U.S.(So the story goes). He refused to go to sea again after the ordeal. Coincidentally he encountered a girl he had known in Tyrone co and they ended up marrying. They were James Lewis and Anna Hood. My dead end with family tree always hits a dead end at the Beattie(I think Mary but don’t have family tree materials in front of me)Lewis union. Most likely because they died so suddenly, had recently moved, and the other siblings went to Australia. I do have more pictures, stories, and artifacts that could be of interest to those related also


    1. I’m try ing to trace my Beattie family. My g – g g -grandfather James Beattie born in London and come to Australia and sorry but that is all I know of him. Apparently he may have been a mariner. Does this connect with your information. Thanks


  7. Hello everyone I am trying to trace my family history I was Born a Beattie ,my father was John Nelson Beattie His grand parents were Samuel James Beattie and Sarah Jane Beattie can anyone help me as I have had no family information available (new Zealand)


  8. Hello Andrea, Simone & Linda,
    My apologies for not replying sooner. Between holidays and moving house, the internet has been spotty at best.

    I would recommend joining my Beattie group at Yahoo – the link is in the sidebar of this blog. Not all of us descend from the family listed here so you may find someone else there who can help.

    But just to quickly reply to each of you:
    Andrea, at first glance I don’t have any connections for you. Perhaps adding some dates for the marriage & movement of your family may help someone else with connections find you.
    Simone, there have been at least two waves of Beattie migration to Australia that I know of – probably more in reality. I don’t have anyone coming from London, but again you might find help from one of the others at the Beattie group I mentioned above.
    Linda, I can’t help you directly with more information at this time as I don’t have any family prior to my own coming to NZ. But since I am in NZ I can assist with suggestions about how to research / where to look for more information, if that is of any use to you. When I have a moment I will take a quick look and see if I can get something to start you off. πŸ™‚

    Thank you all for dropping by and leaving messages.


  9. Jane Beattie b 1855 may be my great grandmother. I have her death cert showing she died in 1897 in Cadder and was married to Thomas McCormick , coal contractor. Do you know of anyone who has more information on this family.

    Regards , Brian


    1. Hi Brian,
      Yes I can help you out with one generation of the Beattie/McCormick family.
      You may want to join the Beattie group I created at Yahoo, I think one or two of the ladies there may have posted additional information. (The link is in the sidebar.)
      It’s quiet there at the moment, but there is information in the files & posts.
      I will send an email to you shortly.
      Thanks for dropping by.


  10. Hi, I am Robert(Bob) Beattie born Twechar Scotland 1939 Son of William John Stevenson Blair Beattie 1907-1968 who was the son of Jeannie Beattie, born Twechar1889-1949 Daughter of Robert and Mary Beattie from County Cavan ,Ireland any relationship to your Jeannie?


    1. Hi Bob,
      Thanks for stopping by. I don’t have a record of the names you mention so I don’t think we have a Jeannie in common. However, you never know who you might find. Perhaps you would consider joining the Yahoo Beattie group I created (see in the sidebar) and putting a message there. Most are directly related to my line, but some are not. You may find someone else who shares your particular Ireland to Scotland Beattie family.


  11. Am looking for Beattie’s: Archibald Beattie (c1778) married Margaret Lindsay (c1780) from Glasgow; had children James, Margaret, Isabella, Samuel, Catherine S and Jennet who came to Sydney,Australia on “The Hero of Malourn”, approximately 1839 (I have several dates). Would really like to hear from anyone who has information. I do have a little but not enough.
    Regards – Belinda (nee Beattie).


  12. Our Beattie Family is traced to Motherwell in the 1800’s-and is indeed a Border-Reiver family. I have heard the name William. In our history there are many Robert Beattie’s including my Da and my great grandfather who immigrated to America (Glen Campbell, PA) in the 1920’s. My grandmother’s side is The Andrew Family who owned a confectionery shop in Motherwell. Hornal is a family name as well as Stephenson and Thompson.

    I have various notes of the Motherwell connections from my father’s visit in 1956-1957.

    Richard Beattie


    1. Hi
      I am writing from french Guiana… My family is helping a old man who says that his name is Dave BEATTIE. He says that he was born on 1927 in Scotland and remember that His brother’s name is ROBERT born in 1925… Do you know him ?

      Thanks for your answer
      my email :


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