Lunn Family

This is the first English family in my research.
The earliest confirmed date that I have here is 1843, with earlier unconfirmed dates of 1816 and 1822.
The geographical area so far is Staffordshire, specifically Smethwick.

Here are my family groups for my immediate family line…

  • Daniel LUNN (c.1816 – 1891) and Elizabeth HILL (c.1822 – 1859)
    • Charles (1843 – 1889)
    • George Henry (1845 – 1928)
    • Mary Anne (1846 – 1929)
    • Emma (c.1850 – ?)
    • Lucy (1850 – ?)
  • Charles LUNN (1843-1889) and Lucy Hunt WESTON (c.1850 – 1908)
    • Thomas Frederick (1870 – ?) Twin brother
    • George Edward (1870 – ?) Twin brother
    • Sarah Elizabeth (1872 – ?)
    • John (1873 – ?)
    • Fanny Rebecca (1875 – 1890)
    • Lotty (1877 – 1954)
    • Joseph (1879 – 1884)
    • Lily (1880 – ?)
    • Nelly (1882 – ?)
    • Florrie (1885 – ?)
    • Deliliah (1897 – 1958)
    • Charles Leonard (1890 – 1978)

If any of these names are familiar feel free to leave a comment introducing your connection and I will get back to you.
Or email OhWaily with details.

Family Group Reports

25 thoughts on “Lunn Family

  1. Hello, I have lunns on my mothers side of the family. They are generally from Tyldesley, Lancashire or Clun, shropshire and the surrounding villages / towns. The name Joseph lunn runs all the way down our family tree. Long shot but there may be a conection. Other names in our family include Jukes, Wellings, Banks and Ruell if you ever make a conection let me know.


  2. Hi,
    I am trying to do our Lunn family tree and am not getting very far. My grandfather on my mothers side was Francis Charles Lunn (of Sharon, Pa). His father was also Francis Lunn, son of Joseph W. Lunn and Anna Marie (Otte) Lunn. Joseph and Anna had nine children; William, Francis, Karl, Harry, Earl, Ralph, Dorothy, Helen and Elizabeth, all born in Masury, Oh, I believe. I know that the line originally comes from England. Possibly Wales, a little farther back. I am wondering if my Joseph and your Joseph could be the same. Any additional information you may have would be greatly appreciated.



    1. I have a baby picture circa (1915-1920) of a “Ralph Clark Lunn” taken by Carter Studios in Basil, OH. If this is your line please advise. I will share a copy of it with you.


  3. Hi Tamra,
    I don’t have any more information than what I have included in the family reports attached to this page, as Joseph is not my direct line.
    I do note that I have another Joseph Lunn, son of George Henry Lunn and Lizzie (?) on my Ancestry tree. This would be the nephew of my Charles Lunn.

    Have you found the point where your family moved to the US? is very useful for that sort of detail, and US researching in particular. They do a 14 day free trial, but I can almost guarantee you will be hooked if you try it.

    Good luck with your search. 🙂


  4. hey, i have the name lunn running through my dads ( david lunn) side of the family unforntley he passede away in the early 90’s but am always on the look out for my family, i live in the west yorkshire area and belive my father lived here all his life. would like to know if anyone knows anything


  5. Hi Naomi,
    Nice to meet another Lunn family member.
    Lunn seems to be commonly found in Staffordshire and further north. Unfortunately I can’t help with a modern family search as my true Lunn connection starts in the late 1800s.
    There are many good sites that can help with beginning researching your family and Genuki is a good resource for info too. For Lunn you could always visit the Rootsweb website and join the Lunn mailing list.
    You can check out the links on my post here.

    Good luck with your search.


    1. Hi Carolyn

      I am from the Bahamas and my grandfather was called Charles Frederick Witmore Lunn. We have been told that his father was in the British Army who moved here in the late 1800’s. My mother is one of the last surviving Lunn’s (who by the way are very Indian looking). We know however that that comes from their mother’s side. We are told that the name Lunn is Norweigan. It is interesting that you say your relative was a twin. Please email me so we can share stories. We have had a few reunions but have not been able to trace the British connection.


      Allison treco-Kelly


      1. Hi,
        It may be something or nothing but; my wifes maiden name is Lunn and I’ve managed to trace her paternal line back to a John Lunn c.1831 in Tyldsley and Rachel Grundy c.1832 in Astley. The first mention I can find of John is in the 1861 census; so I’m assuming that his family was either abroad prior to that or the name was mis transcribed. In addition to this, in the 1861 census they have a visitor; Jane Grundy aged 14, a cotton weaver and an “East Indies British Subject”. Maybe this could lead to your Indian families Indian roots? If you find out any more please let me know.

        Best wishes,

        Colin Robinson


  6. hi my father wasborn in the warley area in the westmidlands my relatives live in and around the smethwick area


    1. Hi Norman,
      Thanks for stopping by. It would be very interesting to see if we have a family connection. If you have some further details I’d be happy to hear from you. You can contact me directly at oh waily @ yahoo . co . nz, just remove the spaces – the Oh Waily is “one word”. 🙂


  7. I have been reseraching my father’s family named Lunn who originate from Uttoxeter, Staffs My father’s father William Lunn was a tailor there. He was b in 1821 in Abbots Bromley but I can’t find the record His father was supposedly Charles Lunn surgeon and the family legend says we came from Wick in Scotland and should have been called Galloway! Haven’t untangled that yet

    If you wnat more details I am on Genes Reunited




  8. My uncle Walter George Lunn emigrated from London, and was killed in the 1931 earthquake age 31. I would love to know if he married in NZ and if he left any family.


      1. I have just found this message on google and have information regarding Walter George. This message was so long ago that you may have already been sorted but Walter was the second husband of my paternal grandmother. They did have one child, a boy, and he married and had two children. Children would be hard to find as both my father and his half brother changed their names by deed poll to that of my grandmother’s third husband.


    1. Hi – I’m not sure if you will see this but your uncle Walter George Lunn was the second husband of my grandmother and my father’s half brother. He had one son John Walter. My grandmother, Amelia, married the widower of another victim of the earthquake and in the 1940’s both my father and Uncle John changed their surnames by deed poll to that of Berry – their stepfather. Uncle John passed away in 2009 but did leave two children and some grandchildren. Please feel free to contact me if I can help further


  9. Hey there my mums family were lunn from the chesterfield area…wilf and walter were her father and uncles names I think. My grandfather died in 1960 and was born around 1920. Hope that helps.


  10. I have been doing genealogy on Lunn. This is what I have. My father, Francis Charles Lunn B:1920 D: 1973. His father, Francis Charles Lunn B:1899 D: 1926. His father Joseph Wm. Lunn B: 1860 D:1939. His father Wm. Henry Lunn B:1827 D: ? His father Ralph Lunn B:1788 D:1870, and his father Christopher. No information on him. I don’t have access to records from Eng. and still verifying this info. Also My father, grandfather,my brother and his son all are named Francis Charles.


      1. I believe so . My. William Henry Lunn married Mary Fisher. Two children born in Eng. Emma and Sarah. Two born in Pa. Thomas and Frances Anne, and three Mary, Benjamin, and Rosa Ann born in Ohio. Most of the Lunns settled in Brookfield Ohio. This is on the Pa. and Oh. border. Wm. had a son Joseph his son Francis Charles was my grandfather. my father was Francis Charles also.


  11. Don’t know if any one still follows this thread, but the Lunn family on my dads side also David, are from Reading and have been for a very long time I believe. My Grandfather Colin Lunn also being in the South area around Berkshire for a while too. Thanks


  12. Lookin for info about George Lunn born August 1825 in Lancaster County Pa. I think he married Elizabeth McCann June 17, 1852. Also married Rowena Gadd, Zanesville. Oh.


  13. My grandfather was the grandson of Fredrick Whitmore Lunn who traveled from Europe to the Berry Islands (Bahamas). I would love to share and exchange information with you as this has been a multiple years long endeavor to trace family history. Thank you.


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