Steedman Family

My paternal family line is STEEDMAN.

This family line extends back to my earliest confirmed date of 1776, with a geographical area of Fife and in more recent times Lanarkshire.
The more precise parish concerned are:

Here are my family groups for my immediate family line…

  • James STEEDMAN and Helen HENDERSON, Auchterderran – 1776 to 1870
    • Catheren (1801-?)
    • Robert (1803-1853)
    • Margaret (1806-?)
    • Helen (1808-?)
    • Isabella (c.1810-1827)
    • Janet (1812-1850)
    • William (1815-1878)
    • James (1818-?)
    • David (1820-?)
    • Euphemia (1823-?)
  • William STEEDMAN and Margaret TAINSH, Auchterderran – 1810 to 1878
    • Janet (1837-1924)
    • James (1839-?)
    • William (1843-1925)
    • Helen (1846-1930)
    • Margaret (1849-1860)
    • Catharine (1856-1924)

If any of these names are familiar feel free to leave a comment introducing your connection and I will get back to you.
Or email OhWaily with details.

3 thoughts on “Steedman Family

    1. I am a direct decendant of Margaret Tainsh and in fact it is the middlename of an auny of mine
      Willaim Brown Steedman


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