The Oh Waily Mutterings

Do you remember the old days, when email was THE way to keep in touch?

Back in those olden days I sent a personal email to a group of friends that I very pompously called my Cerebral Mutterings.  I’ve grown up and realised there wasn’t a lot of cerebral in my mutterings, but I’m definitely still muttering.  So I decided it was overdue to bring this old habit up to date.

Below you will find a link to sign up to an intermittent email – maybe once a month, maybe once a week – that will hit your inbox when the mood strikes me.
I don’t jet around the world each month so there isn’t a lot of fancy Instagramage or Blogage that I will be inflicting upon you.  In fact, if you look at the current state of my blogs… ahem… yes… tumbleweed.
But since I’m absolutely rubbish at keeping in touch with my lovely friends (yes, I do think of you all – and OFTEN), I thought it was time to fix that huge silence somewhat.

Before you decide to sign up, for those who may not have received the original CM emails, a little bit of history.
I started emailing friends on the 4th November 1998.  Yes. That long ago!!   It lasted until the 19th October 1999 and it was sent out once every few days. It was a mishmash of humour, quotes and personal updates.  I can tell you this because my lovely husband had them all bound into a hard back book for me.

This time around it will be similar fare, but prettier and with a few links to blogs, articles podcasts, the general interwebs and instagram as they strike me as relevant.  I may even get a bit carried away and wax effusive about something I particularly love that I think you might find interesting – and then link to it.  It is the modern way, after all.

If I’m being realistic you may get an email a month, once my enthusiasm wanes – life is pretty slow around here – and it won’t be particularly high art, but I hope you enjoy it as a brief interlude in your day.  Consider it coffee break reading from someone you actually know.

Also, if you sign up and then think – oh my, what have I done, how can I back out gracefully?  – here’s my words of wisdom… hit the unsubscribe button. I have very beautifully designed and engineered *big girl* pants and understand that you:
a) didn’t expect so much drivel in your inbox;
b) are joining me in the world of minimising inbox mayhem;
c) wanted to stickybeak and now understand that my life and ideas are just not that interesting; or
d) all of the above.


For those of you still crazy enough to go ahead, here is the link to the sign-up page. Yes, it’s a page. And there will be consent requests and confirmation links and all the drama that goes with this post-privacy age we live in.  It should even take into account the GDPR and is full of marketing speak as a result, so just to be clear: no, I’m not planning on selling you anything, nor will I be selling your emails (all two of you) to any telemarketing firm that crosses my palm with silver. (As if !)
Your email and first name will be used solely to bore you with details of my life and things I think are interesting, and I’m only asking for your first name so the emails don’t start with “Hey You!”  However, if you prefer that I address you as You… feel free to enter that instead.

Love to you all, whether you sign up or not!